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Central Intelligence and Investigations

It is no Secret that we are the Best in the World when it comes to Intelligence Gathering & Investigation

Central Intelligence and Investigations

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A Division of Supersound Security (Pty) Ltd. Est. 1979
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Zeev Geva

About Central Intelligence & Investigations

C.I.I. is a real time intelligence based, solutions driven,  local and  international platform.

Founder and CEO Zeev Geva – Security & Intelligence Specialist.
C.I.I. is a Division of Supersound Security (Pty) Ltd  (Est. 1979)

The Team

Offices in South Africa

C.I.I. together with it’s team of licensed and professional  global experts, combine experience, originality, innovation and practicality with an in depth understanding of the needs of our clients.

C.I.I.  has  world wide proven track records of it’s capabilities,  and leads and excels in the most demanding operational needs of all our customers.

First Democratic Elections – 27th April, 1994
Our organization prides itself on the role we played in the momentous election that changed the history of South Africa, and paved the way to a new democratic dispensation and a new Constitution.

As testimony to our integrity and delivery capabilities, we were nominated and mandated by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to perform specialized and highly confidential critical solutions to maintain the integrity of operations and management at polling stations throughout the country.

Our expertise, know how and relevant experience provides a broad base of real time intelligence gathering and investigations, both locally and internationally.

All services and activities are compliant with international and local legislature.

Our ADHOC experts, allied consultants, local and international, are members of recognised professional bodies.

Local: PSIRA, ACFE, ICFE, SAICA, IAA, IOD and The Ethics Institute of South Africa.

International: WAD, NAIS, WAPI, USAP, ABI.

All consultations and work undertaken is treated with the utmost confidentiality and regard for the privacy of our clients.