You hear a lot about cyber crime, but what exactly is it? The simple answer is “IT’S COMPLICATED”.

FACTS: The first recorded cyber crime took place in the year 1820. The first spam email took place in 1978. The first virus was installed on an Apple computer in 1982 when a high school student developed the ELK Cloner.

We can categorise Cyber Crimes into two:

The computer as the TARGET i.e. using a computer to attack other computers i.e. hacking, virus/worm attacks, DOS attacks etc.
The computer as a WEAPON means using a computer to commit real world crimes i.e. cyber terrorism, IPR violations, credit cared fraud, EFT fraud, pornography etc.

Without security your unprotected PC can become infected within four minutes of connecting to the internet.

C.I.Is teams of IT security professionals have the expertise and up-to-date knowledge of not only hacking and data access but some of the smartest and most underhanded methods applied today through not only spyware, malware and tracking spyware but how industrial espionage agents use your own staff to gain easy access to information that often just walks out of the door…’

Our technology and computer security specialists identify loopholes in confidential physical and electronic information.

C.I.I provides expert advice and effective strategies, which protects individuals, corporates, government sectors and law enforcement agencies from information abuse and espionage. We also design and implement physical and technological solutions which ensure that strategic data is protected.

Cyber multi intelligence monitoring services

Cyber is the reality

Cyber security what is it?

cyberspace is the fifth domain of warfare
With the development of the internet as a global infrastructure for business, politics, espionage and military activities, cyber security has become central topic for national and international security.

Cyber warfare has become an accepted and vital form for collecting intelligence against hostile forces and criminals.
The anonymity and relative safety in the art of cyber warfare cannot be matched by any other conventional means of intelligence gathering.

Cyber security

Defense and Attack
Cyber unit have defensive and offensive missions – to secure national networks and to prepare offensive capabilities.

Cyber defense:
The application of security measures to protect against, and react to cyber attacks against communications and command systems infrastructure (EPRS, 2014)

Cyber attacks:
targeted on the general public, national and corporate organizations and are carried out through the spread of malicious programs, unauthorized web access, fake websites and other means of stealing personal or institutional information from targets of attacks, causing far-reaching damage.

Why do you need cyber unit?

  • Cyber is a cost-effective asymmetric weapon.
  • Defending computer networks.
  • Defending critical infrastructure.
  • Defending from destruction of data.
  • Deal with economic and military espionage.
  • Deal with theft of intellectual property.
  • Helps you to counter cyber attacks perpetrated by various actors (criminals, ‘hacktivists‘, governments etc.).
  • Ensuring the security of government systems.
  • Ensuring the security of critical industries and private citizens


Why C.I.I. (Central Intelligence and Investigations)

C.I.I. provides superior cyber intelligence services and operations which are classified and extremely confidential and top secret. We believe in providing outstanding and effective solutions

Our teams work behind the scenes to help your business ambitions and challenges with the view of becoming your long term business partner

This makes us unique in this field

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