C.I.I. conducts real time intelligence gathering and investigations

Private Individuals

C.I.I.  understands the importance  that  individual clients attach  to  finding solutions to problems  and situations of a personal nature.  Respect for the sensitive nature of  these investigations is a priority for any work that is commissioned by the client.

C.I.I.  are easy to approach and all engagements are treated with the utmost confidentiality and regard to the privacy of our clients.


We live in a dynamic world, where the ever changing patterns of organized crime, fraud,  theft, industrial espionage and cyber crime are but a few of the illegal activities that challenge Corporates.

In this reality, information, when illegally acquired from critical entities, has become an unparalleled asset of value to criminal elements.

It is therefore of the utmost importance for Management to assess any vulnerability or deficiency in their Business Intelligence tools (B.I) and systems  and  to ensure that the  gathering, storage and analysis of data cannot be negatively compromised and is fully incorporated into strategic planning and decision making.

C.I.I. provides invaluable, critical and crucial real time intelligence gathering services to meet the multi complex business challenges of  Corporates both locally and internationally.

Utilizing our professional investigation  teams, combined with  next generation technologies, C.I.I. provides the optimum solutions to protecting the assets and critical confidential information of Corporate entities.

All engagements are treated with the utmost confidentiality and regard for the privacy of our clients.


The complexities of Government administration and the myriad responsibilities of good governance,  has necessitated the need  for protection of sensitive, private  and confidential information. The loss of critical and crucial information can become an unparalleled asset of value once in the hands of criminal elements, either inside or outside of Government sectors.

Utilizing next generation technologies C.I.I. provides unique and original services to all  Government sectors, National Security Agencies and Law Enforcement agencies to meet the local and global security and intelligence challenges.

Government Sectors maybe unaware of deficiencies in their business intelligence tools and systems (B.I) and are thus unaware of  mobile data downloads and interception as well as malware and spyware threats.

C.I.I. is a real time intelligence  leader in providing original and effective solutions to Government sectors to detect and counter their exposure to Cyber crime and unlawful mobile data interception.

All engagements are treated with the utmost confidentiality and highest regard for the privacy of our clients.